2017 Winners

2017 Mountain Film Festival Winners

Grand Jury Prize

Lunatic directed by Kent Allison

Jury Prize

Acrophobia - I’m afraid of heights directed by Philippe Woodtli

Best Action Sports Film

Between directed by Sandra Lahnsteiner

Best Documentary Feature

Frozen Ambrosia directed by Constantine Papanicolaou

Best Animation

Muir directed by Chandler Ellison

Best Documentary Short

Footprints in Time directed by Martin Stitt

Best Feature Film

Supersedure directed by Marti Steiner

Best Environmental Feature 

The Breaks: Centuries of Struggle directed by Andrew Reed, Curtis Mullins

Best Environmental Short

Through The Thick directed by Nino Leitner

Best TV Pilot

Red Bird directed by Jeremy Osbern

Best Director

The Smoke That Thunders directed by Wayne de Lange

Best Actor

Hoyt Richards in Intersection directed by Tim French

Best Actress

Natasha Dematra in I’m Star directed by Damien Dematra

Best Music Video

Inside Out directed by Stuart Brennan

Best Short Film

Lost & Found directed by Devdatt Nerurkar

Best Student Film

Viral directed by Nick Jackson

Best Mountain Film

At What Price directed by Tommy Day

Best Foreign Film

Reach Your Limits directed by Dimo Petkov

Best Documentary Director

The Riders of the Arctic directed by Hilse De Groote


2017 Sir Edmund Hillary Award Winners

Action Sports Competition

The Moment directed by Sven D.

Ground Up: A Vermont Climbing Story  directed by Sam Davies

The First Day of Summer directed by Zak Emerson

Otro directed by Michael Naddor

The never melting story directed by Guillaume Bertocchi

Mirror Wall directed by Matt Pycroft

Surf Wasted directed by Clifford Kapono

The Smoke That Thunders directed by Wayne de Lange

Documentary Competition

Last Thoughts On The Dirtbag directed by Greg Cairns, Luke Mehall

Operation Everest: Summiteers to Saviors directed by Meenakshi Payal

Cheshire Ohio directed by Eve Morgenstern

Stories of Wolves-The Lobo returns directed by Elke Duerr

Travis - The True Story of Travis Walton directed by Jennifer W Stein, Travis Walton, Bob Terrio, Ben Hansen, Ron James

American Shift directed by Erik Vosburgh

Plant Codes, Unleashing Nature's Healing Power directed by Gary Null

Queens of the Roleo directed by Dave Jones

New Run directed by Miikka Niemi

Salt & Dirt directed by Matt Green, Ellie West

Animation Competition

Agrinoui directed by Alexis Chaviaras

The Valley Below directed by Joel Hofmann

Student Film Competition

Testimony: Remembering Glen Canyon directed by Kent Wagner

Rangers of the Reef directed by Brady Valashinas

In The Blink of an Eye directed by Janalee Budge

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Namaste, A Himalayan Journey directed by Gareth Taylor

Better Tomorrows directed by Breana C Mallamaci

Appetite for Invasives directed by Emily Driscoll, Gaelin Rosenwaks & Nancy Rosenthal

Adi | At The Confluence directed by Joor Baruah

Short Film Competition

Shift directed by Rachael Lincoln, Amelia Rudolph

Jordan Almonds directed by Lorraine Portman

Being Here directed by Hilary Oliver

Beyond the Veil directed by Weston Walker, Trevor Clark, Laurel Winterbourne-Clark

Feature Film Competition

The Last Beautiful Girl directed by James Christopher

Tears Of Ghost directed by Natasha Dematra

Foreign Film Competition

Lhotse, the eldest son directed by Quim Hernandez

The Unsolved Mystery directed by Chris Micallef

Music Video Competition

No Pain directed by Mürfila

The Blue Room - al-ḥamdu li-llāh directed by bettina d'mello, dr:khan

TV Pilot Competition

Void directed by Jack Tracy

Nature Napped directed by Luke Tooker, Dan Discenza

On the Beat directed by Ronda Swindell

Screenplay Competition

Crucifix Gorge written by Joshua Essenburg

Potter's Ground written by Pearse Lehane 

Birth Of Life  written by Julian Shaw , Julian Shaw

Cilla and Cole written by Fredric Collins A.K.A. Adrian Roman

Beasts Undiscovered written by Cat Dale, Jeremy Dehn

Loonatoona written by Shockadelic

Elio written by Brian K. Palmer

2017 Sierra Nevada Award Winners

Action Sports Competition

Chasing the Distance directed by Ian Shive

The Ultimate Adventure: Yin and Yang directed by Stuart Fromm

Devotion directed by Matt Pycroft

LineRevolution directed by Alessandro d'Emilia

Colins First Climb directed by Rob Johnson

The Rising Gaijins directed by Jake Munro

Surviving the Fundy Footpath directed by Craig Norris, Ben Phillips

Tom Parsons' The Valley directed by Tom Parsons

Documentary Competition

Treasure in the Clouds - Remembering Halun directed by Wen-ru Yen, Yuan-yu Chang

Yosemite directed by Oliver Goetzl

Through the unknown directed by Federico Santini

Expedition Alaska directed by Brian J. Leitten

One Step at a Time directed by Steven Mortinson

El Cap Wedding directed by Shane Borza

The Man Who Built Cambodia directed by Christopher Rompré

Mirrored Mountains. Altay directed by Alexandra Marchenko

Bothy Life directed by Jack Archer

Crude Gold - Eco Oro directed by Monica Gutierrez

Animation Competition

Apology to a Television Set directed by Lauren Carr

Thyself directed by Jerry Auld

Student Film Competition

Natasha directed by Harry Nott

A Public Love Affair directed by Isaac Ogle

If You Could Hear Me directed by Hanping Shao

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Kokota: The Islet of Hope directed by Craig Norris

Baltoro directed by Robert Nugent

14,508 directed by Dylan Reiss

Adder Mountain  Film directed by Linda Goetz & Chris Mehl

End of Snow directed by directed by Morgan Heim

Ghost of the Mountains directed by  Frederik Wolff Teglhus, Annalisa Brambilla

Short Film Competition

A Gift directed by  Eric Hanson

Downward Dog directed by Darren Coyle

How I Woke Up Dead directed by Ronnie S. Riskalla

The Trail directed by Elke Brugger

Feature Film Competition

Patagonia Treasure Trail directed by Michele Gisser

Foreign Film Competition

Tibetan Dreams directed by Gerald boess

Music Video Competition

You Can Build A Garden directed by Mark Pedelty

They Pretend directed by Eric Schumacher

Screenplay Competition

Connect written by John Pisano-Thomsen

Night Without Shade written by Dimitri Dietrich Limpert

Lost Art written by Ivan Borodin

Drag written by Eamonn Larsen

Ignite written by Caleb Drew Smith

Corey's Hand written by Jim Norman


2017 Seven Summits Award Winners

Action Sports Competition

The High Road - Nonstop across the Himalayas directed by Nils Kaltschmidt, Vincent Seidl

Kayak The Kwanza directed by Oscar Scafidi

4634 - Perception - The Mountain within directed by Philippe Woodtli

5 Trails To Run Before You Die directed by Tom Malecha

Endurance: Ultra Marathon directed by Jon Earle

Now directed by Otávio Lima, Mickael Couturier

beyond good and evil directed by Bertrand Delapierre

North of Known directed by Bryan Smith 

Ride United directed by Amanda West

Documentary Competition

Celestial Serpent - The Moneyless journey directed by celestial Serpent

Muscle and Dreams - Creating the Old Ghost Road directed by David Kwant

Walking With The Mursi directed by David Willing

Karst directed by Trevor Green

Namesake directed by Freya Fennwood

Equal Footing directed by Daniel Holz, Eric Elofson, Kaare Iverson

Entelechy directed by ariana delawari

Chrome directed by directed by Jeremy Roberts

Animation Competition

Mark Pedelty directed by B.E.F. Oakes

A Long-distance Call directed by Joe Chang

Better Tomorrows directed by Breana C Mallamaci

Student Film Competition

Kiss of Death directed by Timothy Collins, Jillian Kibler

The Mascot: TU YE directed by Yibing Yin

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Ridden by Nature directed by Kathi Von Koerber 

The Path of Grey Owl directed by  Goh Iromoto

Snow People directed by Tracey Johnston, Tom Strnad

Daughters of the Forest / Hijas Del Bosque directed by Samantha Grant

Short Film Competition

I Don't Believe In That directed by Neil Fennell

Letting Go directed by Jack Tracy

8 ½ Circles directed by Gregor Kresal

Feature Film Competition

Heart: Flatline to Finish Line directed by David Watkins

Foreign Film Competition

Stones and Strife directed by Tim Meaney

Music Video Competition

We Live in the Lake directed by Mark Pedelty 


2017 Screenplay Competition Winners


Grand Prize Winners Feature 

20/20: Search for Independence written by Harold L. Brown

1st: Legacy written by Dr Angus Watts

2nd: The Barking Spider written by Robert Gately

3rd: Seriah's Legacy written by Julie M Kaufman

Honorable Mentions

The Mountain In Alaska written by Douglass Bourne

eDisharmony written by Lorraine Portman

The Lord's Soldier written  Lorraine Portman

Cocopa written by Giorgio Martignoni

Shine Your Eyes written by Clint Pearson

The Unconquerable written by Jonathan Fear

Molly Would written by Tony Magee, Tim Breaux

Resurrection Time Conspiracy written by James Carroll 

Solomon's Choice written by Richard C Geiwitz

Grand Prize Winners Short 

Death's Lady Love written by Stephen M. Hunt

1st: Careful What You Wish For written by Michael Rights

2nd: No Choice written by Stephen. M Hunt 

Grand Prize Television Pilot

The Case of the Tattooed Redhead written by Jim Norman

1st : Not Dead Yet written by Joseph Frederick Britz

2nd: Three & Two written by Eric Gustafsson

3rd: Deli Takeout written by Jim Norman