2018 Winners

2018 Mountain Film Festival Winners

Grand Jury Prize

2.5 Million directed by Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

Jury Prize

Dugout directed by Benjamin Saddd

Best Adventure Sports Film

Dream Ride 2.0 directed by Mike Hopkins

Best Documentary Feature

Adaptation Bangladesh: Sea Level Rise directed by Justin DeShields

Best Animation

Uruca Ii - Bugaboos Edition directed by Erick Grigorovski

Best Documentary Short

Techa directed by Aron Anselmi

Best Feature Film

Mahasatta 2035 directed by Ramprabhu Nakate

Best Environmental Feature

Foodless Odyssey directed by Anthill Films

Best Environmental Short

On Snow Leopard Mountain directed by Justin Anderson

Best TV Pilot

Building Bradshaws directed by Drew Williams & George David

Best Director

One,Two,Guess Who’s Who directed by System

Best Actor

Kindhart directed by Matthew Soule

Best Music Video

Twinsburg directed by Joe Garrity

Best Short Film

Mountains Of Heaven directed by Jennifer Tough

Best Student Film

Street Games directed by James Fink-Jensen

Best Mountain Film

A River’s Last Chance directed by Shane Anderson

Best Foreign Film

The Nahanni Whisperer directed by Dominique Snyers

Best Documentary Director

Planet Earth Ii - Mountains directed by Justin Anderson

2018 Sir Edmund Hillary Award Winners Adventure Sports Competition

Inflatable People directed by Jacob Kastrup Haagensen
A Journey Shared directed by Matt Green & Ellie Green
All The Wild Horses directed by Ivo Marloh
Budapest Inferno: The Secret Of The Molnar Janos Cave directed by Balazs Lerner & Gergely Balazs
Storm Giant - The World'S Hardest Dry Tooling Route directed by Jon Glassberg
Silent Odyssey directed by David Fletcher & Jason Stirling
Flight Attitude directed by Giulio Venier
Following The Horsemen directed by Tobias Steinigeweg & Maximilian Stolarow
Numinous directed by Nicolas Teichrob & Kye Petersen
One Hundred Ascents directed by Steve Rokks
The Volcanic Kingdom directed by Florian Albert

Documentary Competition

Yellowstone directed by Oliver Goetzl
Love Is The Answer directed by Carly Starr Brullo-Niles
Pemba Returns To Goli directed by Josep Perez
The Eyes Of God - A Kayaking Adventure To Kyrgyzstan directed by Olaf Obsommer
The Warriors: Fighting The Incurable Juvenile Huntington'S Disease directed by Katie Jackson & Katrina Hamel & James Valvano & Marilyn McCloskey
Risking It All directed by Ryan Vennell
Beyond The Border The Story Of Ettore Castiglioni directed by Andrea Azzetti & Federico Massa
Adventure Not War directed by Max Lowe
Good Karma: An Immigrant Story directed by Kevin Flint & Brian Flint
The Children Of The Noon directed by Diego Fiori & Olga Pohankova

Animation Competition

Mazeppa! directed by Annika Horne & Weatherly Sawyer

Student Film Competition

Brunch directed by Jordan Cooper
All Quiet On The Homefront directed by Harjus Singh Sethi
Eternalness directed by Alyssa Lara
Mickey’s Pets directed by Ashley S. Brandon
No Friends But The Mountains directed by Joosung Kwon
Kaufman'S Game directed by Helier Bissell-Thomas

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Trickle directed by Quinn Barabash
Run While You Can directed by Marion Mauran
4 Wheel Bob directed by Tal Skloot
Down To Earth- Chapter One : Hope directed by Jon Mancuso & Michaela Precourt
Llanganati directed by Isabel Davalos & Jorge Juan Anhalzer
The Monk (Lama La) directed by Nischal Poudyal
In Our Hands - Long Live The Kings directed by Faith Haney & Simon Geerlofs
Faith’s Gambit directed by Steven Zlotowski & Kevin Ernst
Calm Quiet Strength directed by Michael Cullen
Bells In The Mountains directed by Sebastian Lasaosa Rogers

Short Film Competition

Brothers directed by Randy Kerr
40 Winters directed by Simon Donato & Drew Goldsack
A Fleeting Dream directed by Jay Worsley
Convergence directed by Jeremy Roberts
Fingerprints directed by Bill Redding
Memory Of Water: Videotonepoems™ Suite Iii directed by Payson R. Stevens
Strings Attached directed by Katie Theel
The Time Is Now directed by Margaret C King
Vivid directed by Paul Chung
Worth It (History Episode 202) directed by Jack Tracy

Feature Film Competition

The Legend Of Dog Lady Island directed by Michael J. Alexander
The 5 Year directed by

Foreign Film Competition

Captain Of Utopia directed by Sarah Del Ben

Music Video Competition

Head In The Clouds directed by Joe Ridler
For Magic directed by John Schaffer
Never Stop (Live Version) directed by Josephine Halbert
Ragamuffin directed by John Byron Hanby, IV
Rhythm directed by

TV Pilot Competition

Evening Sun Dying: Pilotv2 written by Jake Smith

Screenplay Competition/

Clash Of Iron written by Richard Reed
Dr. Needmore written by Lucy A. Fazely
Going To Extremes written by Marion McNabb
Las Vegas Is Murder written by Jim Norman
Mad Dash written by William Leonard
The Bunny Man written by Donald MacLaren & Dianne Racek
The Last Prison written by Richard Geiwitz
The Wonderful written by Demitra Papadinis
Valley Of The Gun written by Shane Hagedorn
The Venus Syndrome written by Lynn Vincentnathan

2018 Sierra Nevada Award Winners Adventure Sports Competition

The Frozen Road directed by Ben Page
Conquering The Dragon directed by Richard Heap
Dreamland – The World’S Best Bouldering In Rocklands, South Africa directed by Jon Glassberg
Dreamwalkers - The Faroes Project directed by Chris Eyre-Walker
Euphoria- Indescribable Adventure directed by Linda Sanders
Inside The Indus - A Pakistani Odyssey directed by Ciarán Heurteau
Mont Aiguille Mon Amour (Mama) directed by Laurent Crestan
Playing On The Pinnacle directed by Rob Johnson
The Ario Dream - The Quest For Europe'S Deepest Cave directed by Paul Diffley
Una, Unac, Vrbas & Cetina - A Balkan Boating Roadtrip directed by Jacob Kastrup Haagensenv

Documentary Competition

Rethinking The Commons directed by Gabriel Diamond
A Life In Memory directed by Julie Winter Magruder
A Sniper’s War directed by Olya Schechter
Symphony On Skis directed by Carla Braun-Elwert
Techa directed by Aron Anselmi
The Jordan Trail directed by Anthony Poulin
China Doll - Love, Obsession And Hard Traditional Climbing With Heather Weidner directed by Jon Glassberg
The Trip: Mountains & Manhood directed by Fields Cage
La Cumbre directed by Dana Romanoff
An Alaskan Mile directed by Max Romey

Student Film Competition

Still Hear directed by Evan Zeiger

Mountain / Environmental Competition

An Awakening directed by John Seddon & Vaibhav Kaul
Turtle On A Fence Post directed by Gabriel Diamond
Araucaria Araucana directed by Rémi Rappe & Santiago Serrano
Shangri La directed by Carlo Christian Spano
Gyamo - Queen Of The Mountains directed by Gautam Pandey & Doel Trivedy

Short Film Competition

Mount Scott directed by Simon Lucas
Ak Footpower-Tordrillos With Tudor directed by Dane Tuddor
Calculated Risk directed by
Don'T Think About It directed by Niv Klainer
Mountain Skills Film - Scotland directed by
Nick Livesey - My Mountain Healing directed by Rob Johnson
Perspective directed by Jay Worsley
Siren directed by Ivo Stainoff
The Boulder Project directed by Phil Feeney
Water Cycle: River- Bikefishing For Steelhead directed by Dominic Gill

Feature Film Competition

Pick Of The Litter directed by Dana Nachman & Don Hardy

Foreign Film Competition

200 Meters directed by Sajeed A.

Music Video Competition

I'm Still Inside directed by Mary Katzke

Screenplay Competition

Kindred written by Kate Young
Shine Your Eyes written by Clint Pearson
Stockholm Syndrome written by Chad Gordon
Table For Four written by Jim Norman
Tears Of The Caterpillars written by Donald MacLaren & Beatriz Rudecindo
The Kid Next Door written by Jim Norman
The Salt Box written by Robert J. Rogers
Twogether written by Paul Herbig
True Believer written by Richard Geiwitz
Akatewa written by Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat & Edith Woi

2018 Seven Summits Award Winners Adventure Sports Competition

Weekend Warriors directed by Matt Burchfield
Rjukan - Places Climbers See directed by Rob Johnson
Rooftown Volume 2 directed by Nathaniel Davison
Rookies directed by Charlotte Percle
The Process directed by Fredrik Sträng
We Call Ourselves Explorers directed by Azlan Zarool
The Mountain Within directed by Philippe Woodtli
Towards The Horizon - Greenland 2017 directed by Miha Podgornik
The Rope directed by Sergey Firsov
The Lappnor Project directed by Ville Kurru & Tommy Vänskä
The Bob Graham Round: Running The Fells With Friends directed by Kaleel Zibe

Documentary Competition

The Time Travelers directed by Forest Woodward
A Southern Quest directed by David McMeeking
Blue Ventures directed by Gabriel Diamond
Treasures Of The Past directed by Oliver Langewitz
The Town That Moved A Mountain (And Then Forgot They Did It) directed by Rick Groleau
Rae Lakes Film Documentary directed by Chris Smead
The Sea Mountain directed by Rafael Duarte & Italo Yure

Student Film Competition

The Ascent directed by Megan Blin

Mountain / Environmental Competition

Head In The Clouds: Chasing Dreams On Mt Kilimanjaro directed by Hani Kafoury

Short Film Competition

Do Sled Dogs Dream In Color directed by Michael Cullen
Chasing Wild: Journey Into The Sacred Headwaters directed by
Desolate Places directed by Jay Worsley
La Folía directed by Adam Grannick
The Hammer directed by Mohammad Alkazemi

Feature Film Competition

Ema directed by Vladimir Bilenjki

Music Video Competition

Willow directed by Norm Bosworth

Screenplay Competition

Deadly Invisible Enemies Miniseries written by Harold Brown
Dollar Down written by J. Michael Aiken

2018 Screenplay Competition Winners Grand Prize Winners Feature

1st Place: Honey Boy written by Shia Labeouf & Otis Lort
2nd Place: Sounds Of Silence written by Lee J Sobier
3rd Place: Red Harvest written by Legrand McMullen

Honorable Mentions

Om written by Anna Kriegel
Shadows written by Richard Geiwitz

Grand Prize Winners Short

1st Place: Say May Name V2 written by Yanjuan Song
2nd Place: The Frosting On Good Fortune written by Kevin Silva
3rd Place: A Chippy Off The Old Block written by Kelly Jean Karam

Grand Prize Television Pilot

1st Place: Albtrauf (The Hum) written by Colin Zech
2nd Place: The Kosher Mutiny (Max'S Deli Pilot Episode) written by Jim Norman
3rd Place: #Strandedbyvanity - Pilot Episode written by Janique L Robillard