2014 Winners

ice film
Grand Jury Prize
Directed by Barry Stevenson
The Ouray Ice Park is located in a spectacular natural gorge just outside the town of Ouray, Colorado, and is home to more than 200 man-made ice and mixed climbs.
Grand Jury Prize Screenplay
Easter Island
Written by Chip Casner
After the discovery of Easter Island in 1722, a young Dutch interpreter befriends the natives and helps them fight off European slave traders.
Best Animation
First Contact
Directed by Chris and Maurice Micallef
The probe discovery was launched by mankind in his quest to seek new lifeforms and alien civilizations.
Best Short Documentary
Lost and Found in Santa Marta
Directed by Vera Neverkevich

The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is a magical place on the northern coast of Colombia. There are many treasures lost and found; in its dense jungle, forbidden mountains, the beautiful coastline, and most importantly, in people's hearts.

Best Foreign Film
Directed by Roberto Aznar
Roberto Aznar sends us his beautifully shot film from Zaragoza, Spain. A woman faces down her fears to save her son.
Best Screenplay
Written by James Hsiao
When a promising high school athlete suffers an ankle injury, she finds her life and career suddenly sidelined - not by the injury - but by her subsequent addiction to narcotic pain medications.